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"With Waffle, I received affordable coverage that met my needs. The process was quick and easy. They also have a great customer support team!"

Sarah G, Renter's Insurance Customer

"It was a no brainer for my wife and I to purchase our cyber insurance given how little it costs and how comprehensive and generous the coverage is!"

John B, Cyber Insurance customer

"In this increasingly connected world, our digital assets also need protection. We chose Waffle's cyber protection policy for its comprehensive coverage and affordable rates."

Esther N, Cyber Insurance Customer

Personal Cyber Insurance
Starting at $5/Month

Do one survey for a free gift card and suddenly your info belongs to the highest bidder. Most Liability Policies don't cover expenses tied to hacked or deleted data. Browse safer through Waffle.

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Renter's Insurance
Starting at less than $5/Month

Your designer jacket? To the fire spreading across the hall, it just burns a bit slower than your jeans. There is someone who'd truly appreciate it, though. A burglar. Whichever comes first, stay protected through Waffle.

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Pet Insurance
Starting at $10/Month

Hand your phone to your pet and that’s the last time you use that phone. You’re smarter than that, though. Smart enough to know your best friend needs protecting through Waffle.

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Travel Insurance
Starting at $40/trip

Paris in the spring. Your evening was storybook. He was everything you ever dreamed of. This morning, when you woke up, he was gone. Along with your wallet. Relax, ma chérie, you're covered through Waffle.

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How Waffle Works

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We've partnered with the best insurance providers so you can trust and rely on your insurance coverage. We know your time is precious, so we've done the vetting for you.

All for one, Waffle for all.

We've taken the hassle out of insurance by offering an all-in-one platform, so YOU can choose the coverage that's right for you.

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Covered!

Maybe you've scored a sweet boat, a new puppy, and that coveted gaming console no one can get (woah!). You can get it covered by easily choosing from one of our multiple insurance products, with offerings growing every day!

On the go. In control.

Manage your policy with our convenient app! Choose upgrades, view your coverage details, and even file claims all through the magic of Waffle!

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