We can only rise together.

No man is an island. As a people, we are inextricably linked, so what happens to one of us impacts us all. This is a core belief at Waffle and informs every aspect of our work.

The Waffle Team

How Waffle was born

Picture this: a lunch on insurance & data modeling at MIT. Hardly the thing that gets people off their feet. As students and researchers rushed to get the free food on the right side of the room, the presenter is trying to start her spiel on time. Lots of noise, not much focus. Except for three people. As the presenter dived into the intricacies of personal underwriting, one of them raises his hand breaks the monotony of the food chewing. The other two noticed.

Fast forward two weeks and Sam, Michael and Quentin find themselves in a small conference discussing how to change an industry that has strayed from its original mission – to protect us when we need it the most. Little did they know that that original conversation would pave the way to founding a company dedicated to fundamentally reinventing personal insurance and improving value for customers.

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