Cyber Insurance Coverage

Provided by Blink℠  by Chubb® Cyber Protection

Last modified 01/22/2021

1. Selected Plan Highlights

1.1. Cyber Extortion
When your laptop is hacked and you can’t access it unless you pay someone money. Or someone accesses your personal data and threatens to release it publicly unless you pay them money.
1.2. Cyber Financial Fraud
Money is stolen digitally out of your bank account. You find fraudulent charges on your debit card. Your tax refund is paid to someone pretending to be you. Someone hacks your World of Warcraft account and steals your gaming assets.
1.3. Deceptive Transfer Fraud
When someone pretending to be a person you do business with misleads you into transferring money to them.
1.4. Cyber Breach of Privacy
When your reputation is hurt because private personal information or false information is published online about you.
1.5. Cyber Bullying
When you are fired or arrested as a victim of repeated online harassment.
1.6. Cyber Disruption
When your home automation system is hacked and you have to temporarily find another place to live.
1.7. Identity Theft
When someone steals your identity and takes out a bunch of loans or credit cards, or applies for unemployment under your name.
1.8. Electronic Data Restoration
Someone hacks your car and deletes all your data, making it unusable. When you accidentally download malicious code that deletes all your data.
1.9. Electronic Device Replacement
When someone is fixing your computer and causes electronic damage.

2. Selected Examples of Restrictions

2.1. Prior Knowledge
Losses resulting from circumstances that you knew about prior to first having continuous cyber coverage provided by us.
2.2. Acts of Certain People
Losses resulting from a malicious or fraudulent act, including a cyber attack, by a family member, current or former guardian, current or former spouse/domestic partner, anyone who currently lives or previously lived with you, or anyone acting on behalf of these individuals. Also excludes losses resulting from a cyber bullying occurrence by an employer or coworker, or losses resulting from anyone acting on behalf of a civil authority.
2.3. Business Activities
Losses resulting from business activities, except for losses resulting from a cyber attack that interrupts your incidental business that you run in whole or in part from your home.
2.4. Confiscation
Losses resulting from a government or public authority taking or destroying your property.
2.5. Digital Currencies
Losses resulting from any activity involving digital currency that is not authorized by a sovereign government as part of its currency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, except where digital currency is paid to extortionists as ransom under the Cyber Extortion coverage part.
2.6. Insolvency
Losses resulting from a financial institution’s financial difficulties or restructuring.
2.7. Liability to Others
Losses resulting from property damage or personal injury that affects others, and for which you may be legally liable or responsible, except for costs covered under the Cyber Financial Fraud coverage part.
2.8. Pursuit or Holding of Public Office
Losses resulting from running for or holding an elected public office.
2.9. Travel Restriction
Losses you experience while in a place designated as a "Do not travel" area by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, whether or not the loss is directly related to or in the location of such travel.
2.10. Property Damage
Losses resulting from physical injury to, or the destruction of, physical property, or your resulting inability to use that property.
2.11. Investment, Gambling, and Transactional Losses (Excluded Under the Cyber Financial Fraud and Deceptive Transfer Fraud Coverage Parts)
Losses you experience when your investments decrease in value, someone misleads you about the value of a product, service, or investment, someone doesn’t pay a loan you made to them, someone fails to perform as agreed by contract, the US Postal Service or a courier service loses money, financial securities, or physical property, a product or service you purchased fails or malfunctions, or gambling losses.

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