Pet insurance. They can’t get it themselves.

Pet insurance. They can’t get it themselves.

Hand your phone to your pet and that’s the last time you use that phone. You’re smarter than that, though, because you made it here. So smart that you understand your best friend needs protecting. Not with some creepy talking duck, or lizard. With Waffle.

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Key plan features

Annual, reimbursement policy covering cats and dogs.

If you incur vet costs, you can claim money back.

Claims can be made for costs incurred at any licensed Vet in the US, Canada or US territories.

You’re able to choose:

The annual maximum reimbursed.
The percentage of the cost reimbursed.
Your annual deductible.

No physical exams or vet certifications before enrollment.

Your premiums do not depend on your claims history.

Coverage available for:

Your plan covers injuries and emergencies related to accidents.
Accidents & Illness
In addition to accident coverage, your plan covers the costs of major and minor illnesses. It covers expenses for everything from diagnosing the health condition to the treatments that your pet needs to get better.
Optional Preventative Care
Your plan reimburses you for services that can help keep your pet healthy.
Note: Please see the sample policies for complete information.

Why we chose the policy

It protects the most important furball in your life.

It’s the policy that our CEO got for his dog!

The sign up and claims process are simple.

An incredible combination of a brand we admire in ASPCA and the backing of an established insurance company in Crum & Forster.

Rated A (Excellent) (A.M. Best Company).


There’s currently no coverage for pre-existing conditions.