Waffle’s Six Core Values

December 2, 2020

Waffle is an insurance startup based in New York. A graduate of Techstars and MIT’s Delta V, Waffle aims to fundamentally reinvent personal insurance and improve value for customers.

Coming from multinational finance firms, advertising agencies, and big public organizations, we all knew how debilitating a bad culture could be. We wanted to get it right. That’s the only way Waffle would matter. And not just for the right reasons, but with the right people.

So, early on, we all gathered to write down what we stand for. The process was much easier than anticipated and we quickly settled on a core set of values. That was a good sign and a validation of why we all came together in the first place.

We hope these values influence all decisions we make and, while we may not get it right every time, ultimately they are more important than anything we do.

1. Create positive impact in the world

We consider everything we do as an opportunity to create a positive impact in the world. From an opportunity to connect with people and support them when they need it most to reducing risks before they materialize. After all, insurance was created to protect all of us when we need it the most. That societal core is at the center of what we do.

2. Show deep respect for human beings & communities.

We live in a diverse world with a variety of identities, cultures and beliefs. With an open mind and an appreciation of each person’s contributions to this world, we strengthen our relationships and our community. At Waffle, we strongly believe everyone should make it a habit to look for the unique talents of each person we meet and be respectful of their differences.

3. Be fearless in your conviction. Right is right.

You can always find people who disagree with you, especially in such polarized times. At Waffle, we make a point of encouraging people do what they believe is right. We believe in equality, inclusivity and that inevitably, that humankind is good. We will always stand in solidarity with those who need support and practice kindness, empathy and tolerance.

4. Actions are greater than words.

We are judged not on the promises we give but how we react when you need us. This is true not only as an insurance company but as human beings. Promises are far easier than the actions they entail.

5. Trust needs to be earned.

We put a great deal of importance on trust and believe that it is the foundation of any strong relationship, team and community. You need to earn it over time and prove it by consistently never letting those you care about down.

6. No room for bs.

Keeping things as simple as they need to be is an important value at Waffle. With simplicity comes clarity and peace of mind and we make it a point to remove unnecessary complexity whenever and wherever we can.